The product is excellent. I just put my home on the market and no amount of ammonia, vingegar and elbow grease could get rid of the lingering smoke (I could kick myself for smoking in my home, which I have stopped doing the past 6 months). I sprayed each room and the blinds. There was a sweet odor but that dissipated. Smoke free home. Thank you. - TW

How It Works

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Yes, you can get rid of cigarette smell with Vamoose Cigarette Odor Eliminator.

There’s nothing else like it!

Vamoose Cigarette Odor Eliminator is very effective at eliminating cigarette odor and all other tobacco odors. It has the ability to penetrate, seek out and react with the components of tobacco smoke (tar and nicotine) dissolving and converting them into gaseous molecules without causing any damage to fabrics, materials or hard surfaces.

Vamoose Cigarette Odor Eliminator can remove cigarette odor and all other tobacco odors in homes, apartments, condominiums, cars, trucks and RV's. Vamoose Cigarette Odor Eliminator also works on furniture, leather, wood, paneling, tile, cloth, drapes, carpets and most other surfaces that harbor the tar and nicotine that results from cigarette and tobacco smoke. Vamoose Cigarette Odor Eliminator gets rid of the cigarette smell and eliminates the tar and nicotine too!

Vamoose Cigarette Odor Eliminator
is not sold in stores. Order online or call us at 800-681-4566.

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