Vamoose! Carpet & Fabric Spot Remover

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$14.99 for (1) 32-ounce Bottle with adjustable spray trigger applicator.

        (Pricing good December only)

Vamoose!Carpet & Fabric Spot Removerremoves most stains that other leading brands leave behind. This product is safe to use on all types of carpets and fabrics.
This products was tested by an independent lab (Intertek), see summary results below:
Testing Method:
The Vamoose Carpet and Fabric Spot Cleaner was tested on small piled cut plush carpet containing six different types of stains: Mustard, Soda, Coffee, Ketchup, Strawberry Preserves, Orange Juice. The 32 oz. bottle of Vamoose product was sprayed onto the stains 20 times each. The product was allowed to remain on the stain for 5 minutes.The stain was then again sprayed 10 times and wiped vigorously with a clean white terry cloth.
This process was repeated until all visible signs of the stain were diminished or six cycles completed.
Summary of Testing:
The Vamoose cleaner removed all signs of the Soda, Orange Juice and Coffee after only two cycles. Ketchup stain was removed after four cycles. Strawberry Preserves stain was removed after five cycles. After the sixth cycle moderate signs of Mustard still remained.

Once stain removal was completed the carpet was inspected for signs of odor. On all six samples no discernable odor was noted.