Hello- I wanted to let you know that your product works incredibly well. I had to go to a convention that lasted a full week and had to stay in a completely non-smoking hotel. They even made me sign a statement that they would charge a $350.00 cleaning fee if I or any of my room guests smoked in my room. I had no guests but when I was in my room and had free time I was watching television. I wanted to smoke so I did. After I finished I immediately used the Vamoose which worked like a charm.

I am writing to thank you. I have a condo which was rented to a smoker for 9 years. When he left, the condo wreaked from cigarette smoke. I had the whole place painted, and the carpet cleaned professionally, but the condo still wreaked from cigarettes. I thought I would have to replace the carpets at the cost of thousands of dollars even though the carpet was in excellent condition, until I found your product online. Thank you, you saved me thousands of dollars.

I wanted to take the time to write and thank you for your product even though we have spoken of it. Our hotel only has a few smoking rooms. Since we only have a few they get used repeatedly. It is vital that we be able to clean these rooms to the best possible status. There are times when we have no non-smoking rooms available -therefore the guest is given the option of choosing a smoking room. In most cases the guest will take the smoking room if it has been treated with your product.
Linda- Manager, Holiday Inn Express

In this day and age, your product is unique in that it does what you claim it will do. Thank you for a fine product.
R. Seeber

Thank you so much for standing behind your product. You saved us hundreds of dollars in having to purchase a new mattress. A Pleased Customer

Thanks for offering this product. I highly suggest if you are selling a house or have decided to smoke outside and wish to make your house smell more like a house -- the home kit is a perfect gift for yourself.

Thanks so much for saving our guest room!!!
Elizabeth, from Texas

Vamoose Products are absolutely PHENOMENAL!
John Mundazio

Vamoose works. My wife and I recently got an incredible deal on a car because of the lingering odor of cigarette smoke. In desperation we ordered Vamoose. I used the product as recommended. It's now been a month and there is no odor at all, just a great car purchased at $2500 under street value. You lived up to your promise.
Rev. Hawks, Executive Pastor

Vamoose works. Used laptop that smelled like smoke. Now it's smoke free!
James W.

Your product worked VERY VERY well in my car!! Other than the medicinal smell of the product, it was GREAT! I have NOT smelled any smoke in my car since I used your product. The medicainal smell went away after a while and you can't even tell that I used to smoke.

Wow, Thank you Thank you Thank you. Saturday I fogged my apartment with your product. I just got home today, Sunday. My apartment is cigarette odor free!!! I am amazed! I was worried that there would be a horrible after smell, but my apartment smells fresh! I will be recommending this product to as many as that will listen! Really, I am amazed! The only drawback that I found was a sticky residue. This is a fair price to pay for the superior job it did. Thanks again!