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Your product worked VERY VERY well in my car!! Other than the medicinal smell of the product, it was GREAT! I have NOT smelled any smoke in my car since I used your product. The medicainal smell went away after a while and you can't even tell that I used to smoke.


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Vamoose is very effective at eliminating cigarette and all other tobacco odors. It has the ability to penetrate, seek out and react with the components of tobacco smoke (tar and nicotine) dissolving and converting them into gaseous molecules without causing any damage to fabrics, materials or hard surfaces.
Vamoose  not only gets rid of the odor... but eliminates the danger as well!
Important Information You Should Know:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed many of the gases that emit from decaying tar and nicotine as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and are considered carcinogenic. These gases are now being referred to as "Third-Hand Smoke", which are more toxic than "Second-Hand  Smoke" (the gases that initially form from a lit cigarette, cigar, pipe and other smoking tobacco and smoking paraphernalia). Vamoose dissolves this tar and nicotine on contact, leaving the environment free of these dangerous and malodorous molecules.
New research by The University of California regarding the dangers of third-hand smoke (click here).

What is third-hand smoke, and why is it a concern? A study by The Mayo Clinic (click here).

Use Vamoose to get rid of cigarette odors in Homes, Cars, RV's, carpet, furniture, mattresses, leather, wood and so many other applications that have a cigarette smell.
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Instruction Guide for treating homes, apartments and condos (click here)
Usage Guide for treating homes, apartments and condos (click here)
Instruction Guide for treating vehicles (click here)
Usage Guide for treating vehicles (click here)
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Vamoose is the only product that eliminates and permanently gets rid of any unwanted tobacco smoke smell at a molecular level. Vamoose is very effective at eliminating stale, heavy smoke odor from cigarettes, cigars and pipes.
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