5 Ways to Remove Smoke Odor From Your Pre-Owned Car, RV or Travel Trailer

Happy Customer in Smoke Free Car

Now that you have your new-to-you used car; there are several steps to take to make it yours… like removing that lingering smoke smell with Vamoose! According to research, the lingering odors of cigarette smoke can decrease used car values by up to 7-9%. If you’ve just purchased a pre-owned vehicle, RV, or trailer, this […]

How Vamoose! Stacks Up Against Other Leading Aerosol Odor Removers

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

Odors are just as much a part of our appearance as the presentation of our clothing and hair. How you smell can determine success or failure in many areas of life.  When you smell bad due to smoking, it can be unpleasant for others and make them not want to be around you. Your home […]

Top 5 Cigarette Odor Removers for 2020

Top 5 Smoke Odor Removers

Smoking is terrible for us. By now, we all know that. We know the risks of second-hand smoke too, but we often ignore the dangers of smoke ‘residue’ left in the environment. Studies have linked this so-called third-hand smoke residue with DNA damage and cancer, among other things. And then, of course, there’s the smell. […]

What Is Third-Hand Smoke and How Does Vamoose! Reduce Exposure

Third Hand Smoke

For several years, second-hand smoke was the hot topic of discussions as scientists had found it contributed to a high number of minor and major illnesses. Many are unaware of the effect that third-hand smoke has and how it can be more dangerous than second-hand. What Is Third-Hand Smoke? Dr. J. Taylor Hays of the Mayo […]

How To Remove Cigarette Smell From Car

Remove Smoke Odor From Car

There’s a big problem out there that goes beyond just the cigarette smell of your car or home.  One of the big questions we get asked many times is how to remove cigarette smell from cars and/or homes.  This is a huge problem and for the percentage of people who don’t smoke, that smell can […]

Why Removing Cigarette Smoke Is Important

Smoke Odor Eliminator

Why is removing cigarette smoke so important?  We’ve all heard about “second-hand smoke” and it’s harmful effects.  More and more data is coming out showing the harmful effects of “third-hand smoke”.  This is a lesser known danger surrounding cigarette’s and the tar and nicotine residue left behind.  These molecules break down over time and release […]