How to Remove Cigarette Smell From Your Clothes

Remove Smoke Smell From Clothing

In the U.S., around 14% of adults smoke cigarettes. Even if you’re not a smoker yourself, you might be exposed to secondhand smoke, which can be annoying. This can be especially irritating if your clothes keep smelling stale and smokey.

If you’re frustrated with your clothes having the foul smell of cigarettes, you’re probably at your wit’s end. But thankfully, we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll discuss several ways to remove cigarette smell from your clothes.

Hang Your Clothes Outside

This is an easy technique you can try before all the others. All you need to do is hang your garments outside in the fresh air. This is best done in sunny weather since the sun can help neutralize the smell.

This process can take a while and won’t work with heavy-duty smoke. So it’s best for very light stenches.

Hang Your Clothes Inside

Maybe it’s constantly raining where you are. Or maybe you don’t have outside space to hang your clothes in.

In that case, you can still hang your clothes inside to air out. Make sure the room isn’t too humid, so avoid rooms like your bathroom.

You can put a fan in front of your garments to help them air out quicker.

Again, this is only a good method to use if your clothes aren’t heavily filled with smoke. For stronger smoke odors to vanish, you might have to hang up your clothing for weeks.

Because it’s such a lengthy process, we’d recommend the other techniques on this list instead.

Wash With Hot Water and Vinegar

Vinegar is a well-known natural cleaner you can use to scrub things all around the house. You can even use it to deodorize clothes!

All you need to do is take a look at your clothes and see the hottest water settings they can be washed in. You’ll want to presoak your clothes in the hottest water possible.

With the presoak, you’ll also want to add some vinegar. Put in some baking soda too if you have it on hand. Presoak for at least one hour.

Then, proceed with the normal washing process. Put in the detergent and run your laundry machine.

If your clothes smell really bad, then you might want to repeat this process several times to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

You’ll want to airdry your clothing if possible. If you’d rather use your dryer, you’ll want to use extra dryer sheets, especially if they’re scented.

Put in a Bag With Dryer Sheets

This process might take a little bit, but it just might get that cigarette smell out of your clothes.

Get a big sealable bag and put your clothing in it. Put in a few scented dryer sheets with it, seal it up, and wait.

Every day, check on the odor. You might need to replace the old dryer sheets with fresh ones so they can keep working their magic.

If you need added odor neutralization power, then add some baking soda to the bag. Make sure you shake up the bag so the baking soda gets all over your clothing.

Like with the dryer sheets, you’ll want to shake out the old baking soda and replace it with some new every few days.

Once your clothes are free of that cigarette smoke smell, you can then put them in the laundry machine and wash them as usual.

Put in a Bag With Other Natural Cleansers

Maybe the dryer sheets aren’t really doing anything. In that case, you might want to experiment with other natural cleansers that won’t ruin your clothes.

For example, you can try putting things like cedar chips or activated charcoal in the bag with your garments. Some people even swear by coffee grounds or bunched-up newspapers!

These all might be good ideas to try before you go a more drastic route that might end up ruining your favorite pieces of clothing.

Rub Dryer Sheets or Spray Air Fresheners on Your Clothes

If you’re short on time and can’t properly wash your clothes, you might be wondering about some quick fixes. Thankfully, we have some for you!

Grab some dryer sheets and rub them over your clothing. You can do this with shirts, pants, socks, and even your shoes, purses, and hats.

If you don’t have any dryer sheets left, or you want something even quicker, then spray some air freshener on your garments.

Air freshener won’t work as well as dryer sheets or the other methods mentioned on this list, as it’ll just mask the cigarette smell. However, it’s a great temporary fix before you can spend some time eliminating the smoke smell.

Use Vamoose!

All the above methods can work to get the cigarette smell out of your clothes. However, they’re not always effective.

In that case, you should try using Vamoose!, which is a product formulated to remove smoke odors from a wide variety of things. It penetrates and actually seeks out all cigarette smoke components to eliminate them.

What’s great is that Vamoose! doesn’t cause any damage to your clothes either! You won’t have to worry about your favorite sweater staining or looking different after you apply Vamoose! to it.

Know How to Remove Cigarette Smell From Your Clothes

Now you know several ways to remove cigarette smell. However, there’s no better solution than Vamoose! We’re sure that our product will 100% remove any cigarette odor, which not many products can claim.

In fact, we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! This is just how confident we are in Vamoose!

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