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5 Ways to Remove Smoke Odor From Your Pre-Owned Car, RV or Travel Trailer

Happy Customer in Smoke Free Car

Now that you have your new-to-you used car; there are several steps to take to make it yours… like removing that lingering smoke smell with Vamoose! According to research, the lingering odors of cigarette smoke can decrease used car values by up to 7-9%. If you’ve just purchased a pre-owned vehicle, RV, or trailer, this […]

How To Remove Cigarette Smell From Car

Remove Smoke Odor From Car

There’s a big problem out there that goes beyond just the cigarette smell of your car or home.  One of the big questions we get asked many times is how to remove cigarette smell from cars and/or homes.  This is a huge problem and for the percentage of people who don’t smoke, that smell can […]