How To Remove Cigarette Smell From Car

Remove Smoke Odor From Car

There’s a big problem out there that goes beyond just the cigarette smell of your car or home.  One of the big questions we get asked many times is how to remove cigarette smell from cars and/or homes.  This is a huge problem and for the percentage of people who don’t smoke, that smell can be dizzying.  It’s not only dizzying but really bad for your health.

Evidence has shown that third-hand smoke (external link to Mayo Clinic article) is just as bad as second-hand smoke.  We’ve all heard of second-hand where you breathe smoke indirectly.  Third-hand comes from the off-gassing of the tar residue that attaches to doors, walls, clothing and more.  These VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that off-gas over time are bad for you.  It’s why we no longer have inside house paints with VOC’s in them.

The most common scenarios where you’ll run into this is when you buy a used car or home that was smoked out by the previous owner.  When you take possession of that car or property the problem is now yours.   What should you do about it?

You can approach it with a quick fix mentality or you can think long term and buy a product that actually eliminates the odor at the source.  A quick fix is to simply mask it (Febreze etc).  You can keep spraying and spraying and buying more spray cans or you can eliminate it completely with Vamoose!.

Here’s what you need to do…

Step 1.  Buy Vamoose.  Read these guides below to determine the amount you need and instructions on how to apply.  You can also buy a Vamoose Car Treatment Kit which comes with everything you need for most applications. It comes with (1) Fragrance Free 32 oz trigger spray bottle, (1) 16 oz spray bottle at whatever fragrance you choose, eye protection and (1) set of Terry clothes (2 towels total).  The kit costs $49.99 plus shipping in the continental US.

Instruction Guide for Treating Vehicles

Usage Guide for Treating Vehicles

Step 2.  Now that you’ve bought it and read through the Instruction Guide and Usage Guide.  Time to apply it.

Make sure when you’re using Vamoose! that you wear some eye protection.  It won’t hurt you but it’s always a good idea to not get ANY chemicals into your eyes. Once you’ve sprayed or fogged let it rest and do it’s job.  It’ll start to work really fast and you’ll know this by the medicinal conversion odor in the air.  It’ll dissipate but that’s how you know it’s working.  Once all that tar and nicotine has converted the odor will be gone.

Step 3.  If the odor still exists than you might have to do a second round.  There are different levels of being “smoked out”.  Heavy smokers leave behind layers of tar so that needs to be taken into consideration (but you may not know exactly how bad it was smoked out).  It may take some experimentation.  Heavier use typically requires a couple rounds.

Ultimately once you move forward and if you run into issues or have questions the folks at Vamoose Products are always ready to help.  Just email or call TOLL FREE 877-412-3115.

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