Why Removing Cigarette Smoke Is Important

Smoke Odor Eliminator

Why is removing cigarette smoke so important?  We’ve all heard about “second-hand smoke” and it’s harmful effects.  More and more data is coming out showing the harmful effects of “third-hand smoke”.  This is a lesser known danger surrounding cigarette’s and the tar and nicotine residue left behind.  These molecules break down over time and release VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which have been proven to be carcinogenic and more dangerous for your health than second-hand smoke.

So, it’s not only about removing cigarette smoke odor but removing the residue left behind that is harmful to your health.  Most products out there only deal with the odor and mask the smell.  You’re just wasting your money on those products.  To remove the smell once and for all it has to be dealt with at the source.

You might be asking what the solution is?  What you need is a cigarette odor remover like Vamoose! to breakdown and safely off-gas the tar and nicotine residue so there’s nothing left to breakdown and release VOC’s.  Vamoose! is the only product that actually deals with it at the molecular level and it’s the only product out there that actually works for the long term.  This is a serious problem for people who buy a smoked-in vehicle, house or apartment, drapes, fabrics and even the used clothing you buy off Ebay!


New research by The University of California regarding the dangers of third-hand smoke (click here).

What is third-hand smoke, and why is it a concern? A study by The Mayo Clinic (click here).Second-Hand Smoke – the gases that initially form from a lit cigarette, cigar, pipe, and other smoking tobacco and smoking paraphernalia. Vamoose! dissolves this tar and nicotine on contact, leaving the environment free of these dangerous and malodorous molecules.